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We are Secure Reach

We provide Information Technology Solutions for enterprises ranging from IT Infrastructure, web and mobile application development..


Secure Reach provides innovative Information Technology solutions that enable companies to better manage their enterprise IT and concentrate on their core businesses. Positioned as an independent trusted advisor to its clients, Secure Reach is able to engineer an IT enterprise framework that encompasses the spectrum of leading security technologies available worldwide; combined with the array of integration, management and support services required to maintain the effectiveness of the IT infrastructure over time.


With the knowledge that IT products can be bought and sold by any organization, Secure Reach has succeeded in differentiating itself over the years by maintaining the highest level of professionalism and effective solution delivery to its clients. It is this difference that has contributed towards Secure Reach's above-average growth and positioning as being the prominent Managed IT Services provider on the African continent.

We are a value-driven organization

Delivering Independent Security Solutions

Secure Reach is focused on delivering multi-vendor, multi-platform solutions to its clients. All of its business processes and field services, from sales to support, are developed by a strong management team with extensive experience and technical understanding of real world’s IT challenges. At every level within the company, Secure Reach is structured to provide unbiased product agnostic solutions, enabling customers to consolidate vendors with a single point of contact.

Partnering For Sustained Success

Secure Reach strives to serve as a long-term partnership with its customers, combining people, processes and technology to develop high - quality and cost-effective solutions. The benefits of a Secure Reach partnership include improved responsiveness, enhanced efficiency, reduced costs, clearly defined escalation processes and simplified account management.

Customizing To Meet Specific Needs

Secure Reach's hallmark flexibility enables them to custom-develop solutions to meet specific requirements, thereby ensuring that customers pay only for the products and services that they actually need. Our office is staffed exclusively with career professionals, experts in their fields, and is available to answer questions relating to the most demanding IT challenges.