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Project Management

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Project Management Methodology

The following processes would form part of the Project Management Methodology based on PMI standards.

Big Data Strategy

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  • Initiating Process
  • Planning Process
  • Executing Process
  • Controlling Process and
  • Closure Process

Initiating Process

The signing off of the work contract between the client and Secure Reach

Planning Process

The development and approval of the detailed Project Plan would be the Planning Process for this project. The Project Plan would be developed by Secure Reach and would be endorsed by clients Project Manager.

Executing Process

The Executing Process for this project would consists of the following stages

  • Performing the steps as laid out in the Project Plan and as per the approach detailed in methodology above.
  • Information Dissemination by providing regular reports by Secure Reach to Client.

Controlling Process

The Controlling Process for this project would consist of;

Performance Reporting including status reporting, progress measurement and forecasting will be provided at the end of each phase of the project. The project progress/status reports would be prepared by Secure Reach on-site Subject Experts periodically for the corresponding phase and submitted to Client’s Project Manager.

Closure Process

The closure process for this project would consist of the completion of the contract including the closing of any open items. The deliverables as detailed below in section 7 would be provided by Secure Reach. A formal communication from client to Secure Reach stating that the Project is complete and has been executed to their full satisfaction would be the final step in the closure process.